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Crowdfunding protocol powered by blockchain technology to simplify & democratize everyday giving.


Branding, UX/UI Design




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Kyndr Defi allows investors to gain passive yields within a few clicks by staking assets into a pool. The assets are deployed into automed defi strategies curated by Kyndr to ensure minimal risk while earning competitive yields.

Kyndr DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built for the giving ecosystem. All decisions are made by the community & get recorded in real-time, transparently on an immutable ledger.

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A stable token built on polygon.

KiNR is an INR-pegged stable token, where 1 KiNR will always be backed by 1 Indian Rupee in an oracle smart contract enabled bank account. KiNRs are minted when a contribution is made towards a cause using smartcontracts.

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A DAO built to enable 'true transparency' & 'democratize' social impact. 

building a crowdfunding protocol governed by a DAO to democratize everyday giving.

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