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AR Fit

Augmented reality (AR) Fitness app, At home or on-the-go, access our extensive library of workouts and revolutionize the way you exercise. Monitor every rep with our unique skeletal tracking and augmented reality obstacles, compete against friends, and workout for a cause you care about.


UX/UI Design 


Titan Gym




ON-DEMAND FITNESS: Browse our ever-expanding workout library, including boxing, HIIT, cardio, dumbbells, stretching, and strength training. Stay motivated with our curated music mixes, perfectly synched to your workout intensity.

CHALLENGE OUR COMMUNITY: Track your progress with streaks and compete in challenges with the Fyter community. Climb to the top of the leaderboard, show your friends who’s boss, and promote causes you care about.

Transform your workout

Work out for something bigger than yourself. Change your life while impacting someone else’s: choose a cause and raise awareness as you exercise.


What’s New

 Improved iPad experience and Fyter integrates seamlessly with Apple HealthKit; you can opt-in to having your workouts logged into your daily activity.

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